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If you are having difficulty making the right decision in your personal life, numerology can help.

Many people have turned to Jane's exceptional skills of Numerology when they feel stuck in their lives.

Jane has the skills to pull out what the difficulties are, and help you see them with clarity and to focus on a way forward.

“Thank you for taking the time to ‘go through my numbers’ with me. Everything you said was absolutely right and I am so grateful to finally find out what I am here for – it has given me such peace of mind.” – S.R, East Sussex

“I'd just like to say thanks for the reading you gave me. It really rung true with what’s been happening to me recently and has given me a lot to think about and absorb.”  – K.F, Kent

Numerology can be a very powerful tool in life, as it defines very specifically what you are here to do in this lifetime and can explain the reason for the unique set of circumstances you were born into. There is no judgement or moralising involved, Numerology just focuses on defining your birth energies and suggesting how these may propel your life forward and what may be attracted into your world as a result.

The bottom line is that the universe wants you to complete the unique piece of the jigsaw that is your life. If you allow yourself to be open to this possibility then it can become quite tangible the universe supporting you and guiding you.

Numerology can help you greatly if you have major decisions to make, as it can help you to look objectively at your life in a completely new way. Numerology can help you see ‘what is really going on’.

Instead of feeling a ‘victim of circumstance’, caught up in ‘pain from the past and fear for the future’, feeling ‘it’s you against the world’. Numerology can help you to feel truly empowered and ‘in the driving seat’, energized and in rhythm with this current moment.

With a slight shift in your thinking, major changes in your environment can occur. Numerology can open that one door that allows many new doors to present themselves.
Situations that may be re-occurring can be explained and different ways of dealing with them can be explored. What may have been thought of as ‘problems’ or ‘obstacles’ can be considered in a whole new way.

Everyone has ‘a key to their door’ and an ‘impetus that moves their Soul forward’ these concepts can be explored.

You may find out that you are an ‘Old Soul’ here to help everyone else with their lessons and to channel amazing wisdoms, much needed by our planet at this time.

You may have amazing ‘Master Energies’ which give you the potential to change attitudes ‘one to many’ and to take on big projects that physically change our world.

You may exude a confidence and charisma; you may not actually feel inside. You may hear yourself saying things and think ‘where did that come from’. You may feel isolated and misunderstood at times, as others aren’t ready to hear what you have to say. You may have a breadth of vision and see beyond what others may see.

Numerology can help you feel connected with that bigger picture and help you to understand why you may need to say what others may not be ready to hear. 

In defining your birth energies, karma from a previous life may feature, this is not in your life to punish you, but rather to teach you. 

You may be learning again lessons that you may have learnt in previous lives, to take these lessons further in this lifetime.

You may be a ‘learner driver’ with regard to certain energies and be learning certain lessons for the first time in this lifetime. This may explain why certain concepts i.e. responsibility, money, sensitivity, independence, freedom etc may feature strongly in your chart and may cause more anxiety for you than others.

Numerology can also explore the correlation between opportunity, ability and motivation and can help explain what may be applicable to you i.e. you may have great ability but the opportunities are not there as they would like them to be, alternatively you may forever feel out of your depth, with the opportunities that land on their lap.

A ‘Relationship Chart’ can be used to present graphically the connections you share with the people in your world i.e. why you have chosen your parents, why your children have chosen you as a parent, what you can realise with that special person (or people) in your world, why does a certain person drive you nuts?

If you are considering a wedding date or are already married, Numerology can define the mission that is created from that date and this can be included in your ‘Relationship Chart’. I can explain and show graphically how this mission as well as the ‘Gift’, ‘Challenge’ and ‘approach on a day to day basis’, defined by that date may impact you and other parties involved.  (Birth energies for other events such as engagement, divorce, the date you started a new job etc can also be defined and shown graphically in the context of your life on a ‘Relationship Chart).

A ‘Life Map’ can be used to view your mission in this lifetime in the context of your years to date i.e. see how your mission is manifesting itself in your journey in this lifetime. See the rhythms, cycles, turning points and verify your ‘years to date’.

Compare your ‘Life Map’ with someone else’s and see the impact you may have had or be having on their life.

A ‘Life Map’ shows your journey to date and the approach undertaken to achieve your life's mission. This is a great way to look objectively at your life, to understand and review your journey. Patterns of behaviour, challenges and obstacles can be explained.

All the above information is communicated verbally (with the consultation recorded to a mp3 file) and you receive your Life Map and Relationship Charts in pdf format after your consultation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please feel free to ask any questions or to add your comments to the blog on this web site, alternatively you can follow me on Twitter (@janealton) or Facebook (www.facebook/ You may be interested to know that I update 'Every day in terms of Numerology' on the blog on my website as well as Twitter and Facebook, this is not aimed at anyone on particular it is just my interetation of the energies generated with today's date.

My fees are as follows: -

Consultation ‘Just About Me’ including analysis of significant dates - £100

Standard Consultation including analysis of your most significant relationship i.e. yourself, your husband and children as well as analysis of significant dates - £175

Full Consultation including all significant relationships i.e. yourself, your parents, siblings, significant relationships, your husband your children, as well as analysis of significant dates - £275

Just think what a reading can do for you and your life. 

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