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"I am in tune with my intuition and your daily posts are in tune with this too. Because of this I recommend you as a numerologist". MLW, London

"Thanks you brilliant readings blessings enjoy your day Jane x". PW, Barnsley

"I love your posts Jane. They are always so relevant too. Thank you for sharing freely and consistently xx". AWE, Chester

"Hi Jane your daily forecasts are so accurate & are helping a dear friend of mine who has been going through some difficult times ..... Many thanks for your remarkable posts". LN, Kent

"Jane I love your posts !! I've just read your numerology post for today and wow I can relate to the majority of it. So just wanted to say a BIG thank you xxx."  CP, Kent 


“Many thanks for sending your fantastic report. I am sure my friend is going to enjoy it very much, and it will be a great help towards making one of the most important choices in her life!”
  AC Uckfield, East Sussex

Teaching the Foundation Course on behalf of The Connaissance School of Numerology

"Jane is amazing ... I have learnt so much in such a short time. Makes me want to carry on learning more ... I will look at dates for the Diploma in Numerology ..."  DR Kent 

"Very happy to have done this course with Jane. She is thorough, patient and very generous with her knowledge"  CM London 

" I've finished my numerology course yesterday. It's very in - depth and a lot more to just numbers that you will be amazed at. I know I won't view the numbers as boring. It tells you what you bring in with you from past lives, what your lessons are and so much more. I spent the week with Jane Alton who is the best numerologist and has the passion for the subject. I know it will take my readings on to another level when I'm using my tarot cards. I can recommend the course x" AB, Rainham

"Thank you for your energy & enthusiasm. Im alive with Nos knowledge"  SC Brighton 

"Jane is the best numerologist in the world ! Thank you !" MF, London

"Excellent teaching" PR, Kent


Came as a sceptic, left amazed !" Maxine

"A lovely day with Jane and friends. Jane has passion and knowledge which is amazing and fantastic to watch and be part of". Many thanks, Jenny Dartford

"Great day, lots of very imformative detailed informative. Thanks Abi"

"It was a really lovely day, learning in an easy relaxed way, it has helped me to make decisions. Bless you. Thank you Jane" Elaine"Had a fantastic day and it helped me release and understand so much as to why things happen - amazing". AB Rainham 

"It was a really lovely day, learning in an easy relaxed way, it has helped me to make decisions. Bless you. Thank you Jane" Elaine

"I have a clearer understanding of such an amazing subject. Thanks Jane for a lovely day". KM Walderslade

"A really loveiy day, I gained a lot of insight, which is just the tip of the iceberg. Neverthless I learned and absorbed so much. Fascinating. Thank you Jane and Marion". AA Maidstone

"I thoroughly enjoyed Jane's workshop and found her enthusiasm infectious, I was amazed at the accuracy of her readings and am looking forward to Jane arranging another workshop". LK, Tunbridge Wells


"Thank you Jane. Very interesting"
A. Swords of Energy Group, Rochester

"Fantastic evening. Really interesting. Thank you"
R. Swords of Energy Group, Rochester

"Really interesting, insightful & eye opening. Lots of information. Thank you so much !"
S. Swords of Energy Group, Rochester

"Very Interesting & true. Well worth a reading. Thank you"
D&R. Swords of Energy Group, Rochester

"Fascinating. Thank you"
C. Swords of Energy Group, Rochester

"Absolutely amazing - cant argue with the numbers"
FS. Swords of Energy Group, Rochester

"Absolutely Amazing ! Would love to learn more! & would love to have a full reading ... Very inspirational"
GW. Numerology Party, Dartford

"Thank you Jane. Really informative"
SW. Numerology Party, Dartford

"So interesting - Lovely evening"
PV. Numerology Party, Dartford

"Amazing evening - Really enjoyed the information. Thank you"
JT. Numerology Party, Dartford

"Really enjoyed the evening. Jane brought to light ideas to inspire me going forward"
RT. Numerology Party, Dartford

"Wonderful wonderful wonderful ! Thank you Jane, so insightful. You have a wonderful gift. So looking forward to hearing more about our business name"
Anna Pearce founder of Forest Row Spiritual Community Meet-Up Group

"Brilliant evening. Thoroughly enjoyed your talk.. Many thanks"
M. Forest Row Spiritual Community Meet-Up Group

"Wonderful talk and lovely to meet you"
F. Forest Row Spiritual Community Meet-Up Group

"I know I was meant to be here this evening - feel so much gratitude for the synchronicities that brought me here. Great stuff"
S. Forest Row Spiritual Community Meet-Up Group

"What a fantastic talk from a fantastic lady" Sue Ford founder of Indigo Forums

"I know a little about Numerology but I found your talk absolutely fascinating"

"The Numerology was spot on re my name"

"So interesting how the groups name change has made to the way it now works. Thank you Jane makes the starting of the group so worthwhile"  
JT from Maidstone of Dowding Development Group

“I just wanted to thank you so much for such an inspiring and awesome presentation – you could feel the energy in the room.  A thousand thanks and hope to see you again at the next one. The ladies certainly enjoyed it and got involved”. MW founder of Kent WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) Networking Group.

"Thanks you for a thoroughly enjoyable and informative evening". AG, Kent

"Intriguing and some real chiming moments". FB, Sevenoaks, Kent

"Thank you for such an inspiring talk with fascinating insight". MW, Kent

"Absolutely Fascinating, I would highly recommend Jane to give a reading" AG - KWiRE (Women in Rural Enterprises, Kent) 

"A most incredible talk - fantastic!" P - KWiRE (Women in Rural Enterprises, Kent)

"So enlightening & empowering" JS - KWiRE (Women in Rural Enterprises, Kent)

“I have been meaning to write to you sooner! Wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed and was fascinated by your presentation at Hourne Farm! Was incredible! Will you be doing another talk?”  
PS of The Theosophical Society – Tunbridge Wells Lodge

It was lovely to meet you on Saturday, your talk was crammed with information , thank you for sharing so much knowledge and also for the reading afterwards, absolutely fascinating and helped to confirm I am on the right track” PU West Sussex

“A very belated BIG thank you for giving such a wonderful informative talk on Numerology on Wednesday evening. We were stunned by how accurate you were with all our personality traits. It is amazing. I found it fascinating how you explained the numbers going from 1 into the next number and so on, it makes so much sense!”
AP of the East Sussex & Brighton Reflexology Group

"Wow such accurate readings for us all at 'The Centre' You have great knowledge and inner wisdom and your sensitivity shines through. You have enforced our belief in the work that we do in 'The Centre'.   YR and J at 'The Centre - Mind Body Spirit'  Rainham

"Thank you so much for such a interesting talk about numerology it certainly showed up the connections with us all at the group. And you got me to a tee that is for sure, will be in touch about having a reading with you and doing a workshop with you at a later date".
JT Paddock Wood Spiritual Development Group


Business Testimonials

"A huge thank you to Jane Alton for an amazing numerology consultation. I was stunned at the depth of detail she went to. Really fascinating stuff!  Highly recommended! Thank you ... "
Jane Bennett Vision Boards & Beyond - Essential Woman Ltd

"I am about to launch my next business and it is important to me that I not only make a difference on the planet but also fulfil what I am here to do on earth. Working with Jane helped me understand myself and my mission at a deeper level and gave me confidence that my mission is divinely guided.  

Jane gives you so much info in such a short space of time her goodness shines through you can see she really wants you to get as much clarity as possible from your session. Nothing is random it all has meaning as she says you only get your numbers done once so do them well!"
Kitty Waters founder of Kitty Talks

"Have just had a numerology session with Jane Alton wow wow wow it was amazing. I have always known this year was my year to full fill my heart and my session with Jane has just confirmed it. It has given me more confidence to get out there and do what the universe is asking of me . I would highly recommend seeing Jane .  Sarah Grant, Image Consultant

“Jane Alton gave me some excellent insights into my personal journey and also assisted with a company name and incorporation date. Each time we spoke, Jane used her skills with precision and kindness and I’m really happy with the help I received. We spent many hours discussing the numbers and even after my sessions were completed, Jane was still replying to emails, going further and beyond to get the job done"
Tom Wells, Director Kelwel Developments 

“I was given a Numerology reading by Jane Alton in May 2014, at first I will be honest I wasn't sure what it would be like or even if it would work, so when Jane began to tell me about my numbers and how they affected my life, I began to become a lot less sceptical. It was as if Jane had been with me all of my life right there beside me, everything she was telling me was so accurate it was scary, not only did Jane do a personal Numerology reading for me, she also did one for my business and my relationship, with a chart covering every aspect so I could follow along as she talked. It was an amazing experience and I am now a true believer that numbers really do run alongside our everyday lives and we should take more note of them. I am also looking forward to seeing the predictions from Jane and the numbers for what I have been told is coming up, but I have no doubt everything is going to be true after all she couldn't have been more spot on with my past and present”.

Sami B, Founding Director of Becoming Psychic Ltd, Presenter of Becoming Psychic Show, Editor of Becoming Psychic Magazine

"I meet Jane at a ladies networking event and as Numerology has always held a fascination for me, I decided to find out more.
Jane was able to advise me within less than a minute from my name and date of birth, some very interesting and relevant points. I have always felt there was a part of me which was missing, which I was searching for. As soon as Jane started speaking I was hooked and I booked a reading there and then!
I provided Jane with various names and dates of people and events which have shaped my life. From those dates and names Jane obtain some amazing facts. I was absolutely stunned by the amount of information it is possible to be given.
Jane spent two hours explaining and clarifying to me facts which made so much sense. I now know why people and events were important to me.  I have a clear picture of where I am at the present and where I need to go for the future. As well as having an understanding of why things happened in the way they did.
Thank you so much Jane, for an exceedingly insightful and enjoyable reading. Because of Jane some fantastic changes have already started to take place in my life and I am looking forward to even more!"
Karen Bashford Relationship Coach, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master  
“I met Jane a couple of years back at one of her workshops and her insight into numbers impressed me back then! I decided to have a full consultation with Jane recently as I’m at a major crossroads in my life and it was one of the best investments I could have made. The amount of work and commitment Jane puts into preparing your reading and consultation is mind blowing; excessive generosity, true professionalism and a clear passion for what she does clearly shines through.
Her consultation was personal and delivered with warmth and compassion, although inspiring and uplifting Jane also makes you aware of the challenges and areas to work on in order to fulfil your highest potential. I felt back on track and confident in the direction of my business as she confirmed my intuitive hunches with her spot on insight into my numbers.
As somebody who has had numerous psychic, astrological readings etc... I can wholeheartedly say Jane Alton deserves her title as the UK’s No. 1 Numerologist! Thank you for doing what you do :)”.
Sal Parkes of
“I met Jane at a business women's lunch. she heard that I worked with parents and their children and she had the insight to realise that her work could well compliment mine.
To give me an idea of what she did she mapped out a relationship chart of my family just by giving me their names and dates of birth. I was astounded that every single statement about each member of the family was absolutely correct.
She did the same for a family I was working with just by christian names and dates of birth. I was thus able to gain an insight into the family dynamics I never would have had otherwise and was able to bring the family to have a much greater understanding of each other.
I thoroughly recommend Jane to anyone who is looking for a greater clarity in their life or business”.
Lysbeth Hix of Partnering Parents
“I was very excited when I learned that I had won the Numerology competition in the Wellbeing magazine. I found the reading very thorough and insightful. I was amazed about the depth of personality insights that can be obtained from the analysis of the numbers of my date of birth and names. I found the analysis very consistent with things such as astrological profiles that I have experienced previously. One thing Jane said was that my company name 'Fresh Lens Limited' was an 'old soul' name and people would be attracted to it based on the name alone - I have since experienced this. I was at a networking event a couple of weeks ago where someone said they remembered seeing my company name previously because they'd thought what a good name it was. Someone else said they really liked the name as it made clear what my company was about. Jane explained everything very well and I enjoyed meeting her and spending some time with her. All in all I would definitely recommend a Numerology reading as a good way to understand more about yourself, your business, your relationships, where you have come from and where you are going”.
Ros Lund of Fresh Lens Limited
“The whole experience was amazing and it made me piece together my past, why I did certain things and what I was supposed to learn from it. I can now use this knowledge to move forward not only in my personal life but in my business. Jane has a remarkable ability to translate the science behind the numbers”
Rachel Scriven, Publishing Director of Wellbeing Magazine
“Dear Jane,
I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed having my numbers done. Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial – if it encourages others to use your services then I will be thrilled.
My consultation with you was extremely enjoyable and I was very impressed with your professionalism and skill. The information was spot-on – so accurate, and shed so much light on the different stages of my life, as my name has changed.
I particularly found the analysis of my business name helpful, and would certainly recommend you to anyone naming a company or product, or just for a consultation about their name/names and relationships.
Many thanks for the time and care that you took and the professional follow up recording and charts that I received”.
Yours sincerely
Mandy Shepherd Dip Hyp (Dist) CTHA
Bluebird Hypnotherapy
"Jane provided a Numerological Analysis for my business in relation to my person. I was very impressed by the accuracy of her conclusions. This report illustrated turning points for my business and my personal life, as well as sales perspectives for specific brands. Jane explained why some brands were selling better than others. I would use Jane's Numerology skills when starting a new business, changing the name of a company or a product, launching a campaign or just setting up a business plan" Kris Jamroz - Director of EKA International.
"HRAdvise.Me™ was introduced to Jane at a mutual networking event.  As a HR Consultancy Company we felt that there was a clear link between the services Jane offered and those which we offer to our clients.  Jane kindly accepted our invitation to provide a numerological analysis to demonstrate how our people fitted in within our organisation at HRAdvise.Me™
During Jane’s presentation of mini readings she was able to demonstrate how the relationships and dynamics between our employees develop and continue to grow and identified areas where our people will excel together.  We feel that we can now use this knowledge to build effective working relationships with our team and have a clearer understanding of how we fit in to and with our organisation".
Hayley Boyce HR Consultant HR Advise ME
Personal Testimonials

"Its been amazing listening to the recording of my consultation and realising how much is so accurate" NSR Kent

"I received my first numerology reading with Jane Alton in July 2014. We spent a day together at her house when she also made some delicious lunch and introduced me to Nature's Sunshine products (which subsequently helped me survive an intense secondary school teaching career!). We didn't quite finish so at no extra cost we had one Skype session to finish analysing my theatre company that I'd dreamt of running. She is passionate about her work and really comes alive communicating the meaning of the numbers to you. She is inspiring, very wise and most importantly, very kind, nurturing and supportive. It is owing to having my numbers read with her that I have found the courage to leave the teaching profession three years later (in 2017) and go for it with my theatre company. From the sessions with her helping me, I deep down know it's my life's work to manifest it. Having her relay and help make sense of my challenges and strengths has helped me to find peace with myself and keep going when life can be muddy!! We have stayed in touch since 2014 and she has given me Skype readings - two this year (2017) - which have helped me stay on track with listening to my inner truth and re-finding my centre / remembering there is an anchor somewhere in my heart helping me stay the course. Her genuine belief in my abilities, from what she sees though the numbers, I trust. Also it goes beyond trust as it's actually fact now my life is shaping out in accordance with shifts suggested by the numbers. She relays information to you that you can accept and not get defensive about (which I can have a tendency to do so she's very tactful), just accept and be reminded that you are living on this planet to work through 'stuff' while you work out how to shine your light most bright for your own happiness and those who are surrounded by. Jane is incredibly insightful and genuine. I would recommend having a numerology reading with her to help you make sense of your life, appreciate it and most importantly, get back to enjoying it and trusting in yourself and the way your life is unfolding (when it can feel very murky and confusing down on the ground from day to day!). If you are considering working with Jane, go for it, it's important for your long-term happiness " HD, Shropshire

"Janes numerology analysis was incredibly accurate and also very comforting. I was amazed at the detail provided. It was as if Jane knew us our entire lives. She included an analysis of myself, my husband, children and granparents and we gained remarkable insight into all aspects of our lives past, present and future. I trust her analysis and interpretation completely as she revealed things that only I knew so I do trust her future predictions too. Thank you Jane!" OK, Ireland

"Thank you I enjoyed my consultation immensely. This is a very extensive and worthwhile report, I look forward to going through it all again" EOH, Kent

"Absolutely spot on about me from the moment Jane started to speak ! So interesting that I will be spreading the word about this" DR, Kent

"Amazing !!" CM, Kent

"Summed me up so well - everything was totally spot on" LB, Kent

"Fabulous !! So very interesting ... Jane was so wonderful in explaining it all ..." DJ, London

"Jane is totally amazing and formidable. Her ability to read you and your family's numbers and letters founded from your names, birth date and place of birth is second to none. I personally had a reading where Jane read both my own personal numbers and my immediate family, Jane put me at ease as she flowed with a wealth of information about me as a person and characteristic traits, talents, strengths and weaknesses as well my family's too. Jane then linked all my habits and characteristic traits to those of my family and how we all slotted in with each other. It was pure joy and such an eye opener and I felt like Jane knew me better than I knew myself and she had an insight into my soul. Jane is kind, gentle and executes her readings with passion, tact, understanding and diplomacy" VH, Kent

“I wanted to thank you for your clarity and patience.  Your readings are quite extraordinary.  When I reflect back on what you told me would come along, what my strengths and challenges were I am amazed at how right you were.   
You first met with me about four years ago when you gave me some very pertinent and personal advice about what might happen to my ex-husband in early 2016.  You were right.  
That guidance informed my decisions and put a timetable to what I decided I needed to achieve before that time.  A catastrophe hit him within weeks, and it might have changed outcomes had I not tied up everything beforehand.  This is extraordinary and not something that I could have predicted.   Thank you Jane.
For our most recent reading your preparation was so extensive, you were clear and easy to understand and you could tell me immediately what my children are like without ever meeting them.  I really feel you have given me great guidance now to help me support the next stage in my childrens lives.  And to map out my own.  And to feel excited about doing so.
Thank you very much Jane, anyone who spends time with you in a reading will not regret it in my view”. BW, Kent

"You really helped me regain focus and decide what I currently needed to let go of. You confirmed everything I already know and that was very important as I needed to be sure. Xxx Thank you so much" BA, London

"Thank you for such a fabulous reading. So many things that ring true" AC, Kent

"A great reading I learnt so much about myself" 
JH, Kent

"I really enjoyed my Numerology session with Jane.  The accuracy of her interpretations was very impressive and she delivers this in a gentle, kind, non-judgemental manner.  The amount of time and effort she puts into the preparation and the actual session is incredible.  She is generous with her time and a lovely presence to be with". SL, Kent

"Inspirational and so encouraging …. ties up lots of loose ends. Thank you for helping me to understand myself better". JS, Kent

"I was quite blown over by the intricacies of it all and amazed at all the connections. Thank you for spending all that time on me”. BB, Kent

"I am absolutely blown away by the accuracy of Jane's reading today. Light has been shed on my past and future. Everything makes perfect sense and I am feeling so inspired about my future. Thank you so much Jane". NC, Kent

“I Just wanted to say thank you so much for my Numerology Consultation. You have opened my eyes to many things and have helped me to understand so much” RO, Kent

"A fantastic and very interesting experience - and so true! I now feel calm and reassured that all that has gone before certainly was not a mistake, just very good preparation for what I now need to get on with and enjoy" PR, Kent.

"I loved every moment of my consultation. You are truly gifted. This made me tingle". SP, Hythe, Kent

"This was the first time I have had a Numerology reading and it was so accurate. It was a wonderful reading and everything became very clear to me. Jane is fantastic. A lovely person, with her own style and unique gift to share with the world". JR, Kent

“Thank you sooooo much for sending the recording and charts, they are fantastic. So much of what you say rings so true. My initial interest was an intellectual fascination and yet the experience has been surprisingly healing. Since my reading I’ve felt a deep sense of reassurance that what has passed is not necessarily wrong, but actually very right.  Consequently, I feel a greater sense of self acceptance and a growing sense of peace that I haven’t felt for far too long   Thank you!”“Truly amazing. I feel as if Jane has lived with me all my life. She is so accurate” BC, Kent

"It was fascinating to see how quickly you literally "figured out" my friends and my personality through your numerology skills at the fair yesterday" S Mayes, Kent

 "I thought you may like some feedback from this morning for your website.

Thank you so much for the reading today which I thoroughly enjoyed and for welcoming me into your home.  You gave over and above what I had hoped for from the reading and I came away with a clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses of myself and family members.

Starting with the reading on myself you moved seamlessly through my family and other events with significant dates in my life. It was interesting to hear how people and events in my life link, enhance and strengthen relationships. The amount of information was extraordinary and accurate. I learned a lot about myself and family which will help me understand things from other perspectives from now on.

I am looking forward to receiving the recording as there was so much information to absorb it will be helpful to listen again and also use as a reference in the future.

I would thoroughly recommend Jane as she clearly invested a huge amount of time into the preparation and planning and delivered the reading with compassion in a friendly and informative style.

Once again thank you very much...." AG, Kent

“I had a numerology consultation recently with the lovely Jane Alton and I have to say it was enlightening and intriguing! Highly recommend her ....”

Jo Tiller, Mind Body & Soul - Events Marketing Director and Co Founder

“Your consultation was amazing, the information you gave me was mind blowing. You mentioned in a prior conversation that numerology would explain and answer so many questions. well it certainly did that. It made so much sense to me”. SG, Maidstone, Kent

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience of your numerology consultation. You gave generously of your time in order to give a full and balanced overview of my family and I am most grateful. I feel very comforted by what you had to tell me and have renewed confidence in who I am and in a positive future for me and my girls” JC, Tunbridge Wells.

"I approached Jane after spending many days filling in automated numerology calculators online. I had reached plateau so I decided to have an 'all about me' Skype reading. Jane was very approachable on the phone and very accommodating to all of my questions. She has exceeded my initial inquiry by helping me to resolve a very deep conflict about my identity and responsibility. I will continue referring back to my life map and mp3 recording to remain synchronised with my numbers. Thank you for being there for me Jane!"  NV, UK

“We had an amazing numerology consultation with Jane who is such a warm and empathetic lady. The girls and I have been talking about her ever since!” JC Tunbridge Wells

"When you did my reading, it was as if you had been in my head and my home, living my life with me. I was completely bowled over by what you were able to tell me. Thank you.  xxx" 
SC Hartley, Kent

“I have to tell you how amazing your reading was, so was uncanny.

I feel much more settled since our Skype meeting, as though lots of things have fallen into place and that feeling of being different, which I am sure many people have, has been resolved. I feel that I am where I am meant to be and can now see why certain events happened when they did and why I made some of the choices that I did....that I can stop beating myself up for making they were going to happen anyway.

I feel more positive about the future now and feel that there are many good things still to come.

You have a lovely approach....down to earth and honest yet so positive and kind too, I felt very relaxed with you and can see the amount of work that has gone into my charts. I have recommended you to my friends and know you can help them understand their lives  the way you have helped me understand mine”. FL   UK

"I have just had a fantastic reading with Jane and can’t recommend her highly enough. I gained great clarity from the ‘life path’ and being able to view my journey and its progression in this way is enormously helpful. To understand tough times as necessary life lessons is extremely affirming, empowering and healing. We’re part of a system of such incredible beauty and grandeur, and the chance to reconnect with the patterns of life and of our own personal evolution with expert guidance is incredibly worthwhile. Jane is not only a great numerologist but a wonderful communicator, extremely thorough and very generous with her knowledge. Her insights were 100% accurate and I immediately felt that I was in the presence of someone who knew me very well indeed! Having a recording of the reading is invaluable, and I’m sure I’ll refer to it many times! Brilliant! Thank you so much".  AN Hastings

"I'm actually listening to my reading right now - I love it and it was one of the best investments I have made so thank you for such helpful guidence - you have a gift there" SP Tunbridge Wells

"Thank you so much for sending me my reading, recording, relationship chart and life map ... I have listened to the recording 3 times now and each time I listen to ot more seems to click into place ! Thanks again for such an insyightful, wonderful experience ..." CT Rainham, Kent 

"Working with Jane it was obvious she was very gifted in using numbers via this ancient art to read in-depth into life, business and more. She provided an excellent service for which the passion she works with simply just sparkled". PW, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jane, from the bottom of my heart, for her expert opinion and advice both in the past and present; particularly in regard to my relationship.  Jane’s wise counsel and insight has been enlightening and very helpful.  Knowing that Jane respects our privacy and will treat our conversations as private, allows us both to really 'open up ‘ - thank you”. JW, Battle, East Sussex

"I had no idea what to expect, so arrived with an 'open mind'. I was completely blown away with the amount of information I was given ! Certainly didn't expect that. I found the experience very enlightening and it gave me much food for thought. The follow up support offered and given is fantastic. You're such a helpful, lovely and inspiring lady. Thank you". WS Tunbridge Wells
“I consulted Jane because I’d come to a point in my life where I had lost my way and was deeply uncertain about what was right for me. Her reading was uncannily accurate regarding my early life and family and provided me with a fresh perspective on my early life.
The information she gave me about my mission in life was at the same time unexpected and yet made total sense. It revealed a path to me that I’d never really properly considered but when I truly looked at my desires and feelings it was obvious that it was correct. It was a deeply affecting and positive experience that has provided me not only with clarity as to my role but also the peace of mind and patience to let it unfold.
Thank you so much.
SE Anglesey
“I have had many clairvoyant readings in the past, usually when I am feeling a little lost and in need of some form of guidance, but I'm often left dissappointed by either the person giving the reading, due to their lack of enthusiasm, or just the reading itself. After meeting Jane, and having a numerology reading, this all changed as I never realised just how magical, and closely integrated numbers are in our lives. Jane's passion for her work flows throughout the reading, helping you understand your individual numbers, regarding your personality, soul purpose, relationships, and goals, along with important guidance and advice for the future. I now feel like I have gained a lot of clarity about who I am and my purpose in this lifetime along and it's helped me understand why I have faced some of the important challenges on my life path which have been essential for my personal growth. Thank you Jane, you are truly an inspiration and I will definately be recommending you to my friends!”
KV, Tunbridge Wells
“I know Jane has found her vocation in life and I believe that we are blessed that Jane is using her talent and natural affinity with numerology to help others find theirs.
My first reading was in 2002, and I subsequently had my immediate family’s numbers read, and have on occasion, commissioned readings as birthday presents for friends.
Initially, I was startled at the accuracy of information revealed about my past; however Jane delivered this information in a caring and sensitive way that I felt completely safe with. As those truths unfolded I was confident that the information about my future would be accurate also. However, it makes me laugh now, the one piece of information I rejected, actually came true. Using Jane’s numerology I was able to get clarity on my life’s purpose and direction. Numerology has given me a greater understanding and awareness. It gave me the confirmation/permission that I needed and peace of mind knowing that I am on ‘universal’ track following my passion and vocation. Thank you Jane. 
If you need some insight past present and future, Jane can certainly help you and I highly recommend her”. KM, Switzerland
“Thank you for a very informative reading, providing insight into my past and present, whilst also providing food for thought regarding my future. A wonderful insight into ‘me’!. Jane you delivered my ‘very important information in a very compassionate and caring manner!” LL, Sandwich, Kent
“I was impressed with the accuracy of my reading. It helped me to realise that all the difficulties I have had in my life have been for good reason”. GJ, Tonbridge, Kent
“I was surprised by the accuracy of my reading, it gave me a real sense of peace, at being in the right place in my life. I feel calm when I think of what’s to come”. YB, Kings Hill, Kent
“Just a quick note to say thank you for the lovely morning you gave us – everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it fascinating how the group melds together and the possible future collaborations! I knew the group was right but it helps to have confirmation”. LR, Tonbridge, Kent
“I have already emailed a friend with your details, and there will be more!!! I am so impressed with the details and accuracy of my reading, it was wonderful. Thank you so much, it made real difference”. LM Staple, Kent
“Many thanks for the numerology reading yesterday.  It was very interesting (and very accurate!) and I'm looking forward to having the CD and report so that I can take in more of the information.  I'm feeling much clearer about the next step on my path, which is a great relief, so thank you for that”.
PD, Sittingbourne

“Jane is clear in her communication. The reading gave me clarity in understanding my Soul Life path at a very difficult moment in my life. She is a kind and good listener”.
MW Tunbridge Wells, Kent
“Thank you for your time and help on Sunday when you gave me my reading. As you probably gathered, I was totally impressed with your knowledge, enthusiasm and professional approach”.
JA Broadstairs, Kent
“Jane you have given me greater clarity and purpose in life. You have helped me feel inspired with renewed faith, greater understanding and vision. You were spot on with the truth. Many thanks for your reading”. CD Hemel Hempstead. 
Dear Jane,
This is a big thank you.
I found your service out of the blue and called for an appointment there and then on my intuition.
Thank you for rearranging your busy schedule to give me a phone reading the next day !
I am going through a major problem in my life and your reading has given a vision of my long term future that gives me hope !
I would not have believed your future indications if you had not accurately reminded me of my past advents in my life so far !
I am very impressed with your knowledge and manor in delivering it !
I have already recommended you to several friends.
Thank you again.
Yours Sincerely,
PL, Maidstone, Kent
“We had a fantastic evening (with your numbers party), which was very informative and so accurate”. DH, Sittingbourne, Kent
“Your reading was exciting, informative and helpful. You made things clear in my relationships and why”. SJB, Sittingbourne, Kent
“Your numbers helped me to understand the importance of numbers, names and dates and how they affect us day to day”. SEH, Sittingbourne, Kent
“Thank you for a very enjoyable, interesting and informative evening with your ‘numbers party’. Your insight into myself and my family members, using Numerology was uncanny”.
 KW Sittingbourne, Kent
“Your numerology reading was very interesting and ‘spot on’”.
VW, Sittingbourne, Kent
“Thank you for the wonderful reading you gave me”. TM, Sittingbourne, Kent
“I discovered Numerology revealing my life’s Path. It showed my strengths and weaknesses and which direction to take. I now have a clearer picture of many areas of my life. Thank you. Jane”.
DM, Kings Hill, Kent
“I have read the Report-very interesting and spot on I would say. I shall work at trying to improve my shortcomings and concentrate on achieving something in depth, which I know I find hard.
Thank you again for your inspiring consultation”. BM, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
“If ever you are unsure of the path you need to follow, I can highly recommend Jane for clarity and direction on knowing where to go”. GT, Rotherfield, Kent
“Jane’s interpretation and insight into my numbers was hugely liberating. Their accuracy was uncanny. Jane’s style of delivery was empathetic and full of energy”. TT, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
“Sometimes we all need something or someone to help us to look at things – our lives, our problems, our experiences, friends and family, differently, take a fresh perspective. Jane helped me to gain a new way of seeing my issues when she did a reading for me. Some of the things she raised were very familiar but in talking about it from a different perspective, I gained a new insight and was able to ‘let go’ of some of the more punishing aspects. It helped to hear my history being told in a completely different way. I would recommend anyone seeking a new perspective or perhaps some completely new insights to speak to Jane – it helped me”. SS, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
“Thank you for taking the time to ‘go through my numbers’ with me. Everything you said was absolutely right and I am so grateful to finally find out what I am here for – it has given me such peace of mind”. SR, Polegate, East Sussex
 “I have found Numerology readings very helpful, especially in understanding how members of my family and friends fit into my life etc. I have held four ‘Numerology Parties’ for friends and all who’ve attended have found them to be very helpful. Jane’s knowledge on what the numbers mean and how this relates to our past and present is very helpful. A lot of what Jane said about our families was so apt. I have had a few problems with a relative and Jane helped me to understand why, with her numbers – Jane’s answers to my questions were fascinating and they made such sense”.
AJ, Uckfield, East Sussex
“I am shocked at the accuracy of everything that Jane said!” KH, Sittingbourne, Kent
“It was a perfect reading thanks and so informative” LS, Sittingbourne, Kent
“Your reading was amazing! Full of guidance and confirmation”. NH Sittingbourne, Kent
“I'd just like to say thanks for the reading you gave me. It really rung true with what’s been happening to me recently and has given me a lot to think about and absorb”. KF, Sittingbourne, Kent
“After your presentation, I came away 'gob-smacked' by your knowledge and the outcome of how the numbers gave 'the person' - if you know somehow what I mean?!  I know you also amazed the girls I brought with me and I have told those that were unable to come about what an evening they missed!” TM, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
“Hi Jane, your presentation provided me with a great insight and made a lot of sense. It’s a shame the modern world makes us loose contact with the things that help us. I’ve started to think in a different light since your presentation. Thanks for your insight”. JB, Crowborough, East Sussex
“Thank you for giving me a reading at such short notice. Also thank you for being ‘frank’ with me about a very sensitive issue. I needed to know the truth”. DJ, Maidstone, Kent
“I was amazed at how accurate your reading was and it was also very interesting”.
TN, Tunbridge Wells. Kent
"You hit the nail on the head on so many levels: - work, home + family and showed me a deeper understanding of what makes me tick + where my strengths lie - thank you". JM, Sittingbourne, Kent
"Very intriguing and innovative reading - quite incisive too !" LW, Sittingbourne, Kent
“My reading was amazing” KS, Sittingbourne, Kent
“I was shocked at the accuracy of everything that Jane said !” KH, Sittingbourne, Kent
“Amazing insight. Thank you Jane!” RS, Sittingbourne, Kent
“I found your report exciting as well as helpful”. JE, Uckfield East Sussex